Restorative Practice Circle for Penn Post-Docs

By Pan-Asian American Community House (PAACH) @ UPenn (other events)

Tuesday, March 16 2021 3:30 PM 5:00 PM EST

This event will be on Zoom. See below for details on how to participate. 


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Post-Doc Circle facilitated by Helen Xu and Sana Saeed 

Description of the Circle Process-

The Restorative Circle is an opportunity for people with direct lived experiences of anti-Asian racism, bias, or harassment o share their stories and be in community with others who have similar experiences.

Circles provide participants an opportunity to speak and be heard one at a time using an established talking order. The highly structured conversation is informed by shared values and group norms, and is a private space to share openly with and learn from one another. The facilitators are all members of Penn Asian and Asian American communities, and will engage in the Circle as full participants.

The Circles will be rooted in the following Values and Group Norms –


Openness to Vulnerability,
Mutual Support,

Group Norms:

Respect the talking order,
Limit Distractions,
Take care of yourself (which means can ask things from others),
Listen to learn/speak to share,What’s said here stays here/what’s learned here leaves here – unless you get explicit consent to share,
Passing is a valid form of participation,
Be mindful of the diversity of backgrounds, experiences, worldviews and identities that may be present in the room (this situation affects all of us, but affects us differently based on our identities)
Turn your camera on if you can and know that if you need a rest from the camera you are allowed to turn it off,
Feel free to participate via the Chat box for whatever reaso
Name your boundaries or accessibility needs you’d like others to keep in mind

Questions used in past Circles, and which may be used in the Circle you are attending include –

Since the emergence of Covid-19, have you seen, heard, or experienced anything directly or in-directly that felt to connected to anti-Asian sentiment? If so, can you share a bit about your experience?
When you have seen or gone through bias, harassment, racism, or experiences that were either explicitly or implicitly related to your Asian identity, how would you describe your physical or emotional reaction?
What are some ways you are coping with anti-Asian bias as it exists in our current reality and as it has been your personal experience? What could you do to make navigating this reality easier?
What do you need from your community (the Penn community) to feel supported? What resources would be helpful for you?
What is one thing you think is positive about your Asian culture that you would like more people to understand or appreciate?


Penn Restorative Practice Circles: Stopping the Hate and Starting to Heal: Living With and Through the COVID-19 Pandemic

A Guided Session of Healing, Processing, and Community-Building for Asian and Asian Americans

In these challenging times Pan-Asian Faculty & Staff Association (PAFSA) and Pan-Asian American Community House (PAACH), in partnership with Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS), Special Services, Restorative Practices @ Penn, and Penn Global have come together to offer a healing, processing, and community building space for Asian/Americans who have experienced or are concerned about anti-Asian bias or harassment related to COVID-19. This pandemic, and the hateful rhetoric which has sprung up around it have directly and indirectly harmed many in our community – the Circle will be an opportunity to process with others who have similar experiences and support one another as a community.

These Circle spaces are an opportunity for people with direct lived experiences of anti-Asian racism, bias, or harassment to share their stories and be in community with others who have similar experiences.

Please join us to gather with others with similar experiences to heal, build, and be together.

The Task Force is committed to raising awareness about these concerns, to increasing reporting and redress of incidents that impact Penn community members, and to helping the Penn community navigate these difficult challenges through educational and programmatic activities. Please click on the link HERE to learn more about the Task Force and its initiatives, as well as to join our Community Discussion Series.

Please also join our FlattenTheHate campaign by downloading the graphic and featuring it on your social media accounts!

Pan-Asian American Community House (PAACH) @ UPenn